• P447 Series High-Flow Pressure Proportional Valve
  • 200 slpm @ 2.4 bar
  • Small form factor
  • High precision
  • Stability over time
  • Low power consumption

The P447 series, a compact high-flow pressure compensated proportional valve series is ideal for dosing, blending and mixing oxygen, air or other gases with high precision and reliability, up to 200 l/min, several mounting options. Medical applications like mixing and dosing of gases in ventilation, respiratory and anaesthesia equipment are typical examples for the P447 series of high-flow pressure proportional valves, as well as analytical precisely dosing gases for high flow applications. It can also be used for industrial applications like blasting, spraying paint, packaging and more.

Applications: Medical/analytical, mixing, ventilation, dosing air, Oxygen, NOx or other gases.

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