Custom made flow & motion control solutions for original equipment manufacturers

Engineer innovative equipment with our custom components such as:

  • Solenoid valves;
  • Controls for solenoids with PWM/CAN/diagnostics
  • Pneumatic activated valves with
  • Position control
  • Servo drives and alternators
  • Controls
  • Mechanical seals
  • All built to need.

Find matching ideas and examples for your equipment

We advise and guide your need towards the right custom components to give you an edge. Think of:

  • Flow control, for accurate, compact and reliable fluid control, (solenoid-) valves and drivers.
  • Motion drives & control, reliable, fast and highly efficient to the required speed and exact position, also in harsh environments.
  • Mechanical seals, catalog and solutions for extraordinary demanding applications or conditions.
  • Or think of specials, combinations of different product groups or special solutions. 

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We are an intermediary

We are an intermediary between you and specialized manufacturers. We think along with your development requirements, supported by a team of specialists, with appropriate advice and guidance. As an intermediary agent, we represent the following specialized manufacturers:

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