• P402 Series Fast Switching Valve
  • Serial BUS communication
  • Fast switching
  • High flow rate 4l/min
  • Response time <5 msec
  • Base material stainless steel, Seal FKM
  • Long life time with driver >150 mill cycles
  • Fits on main brands nozzle holders

P402 fast switching valves for On/off and PWM (with CAN driver) controlled applications.

Main application: spot spraying, PWM controlled spraying.

The CAN Driver is controlling each valve individually, so spraying exactly on the spot based on sensor input or minimizing the required quantity of liquid. The driver is integrated into a control module with connection cables:

  • Number of valves per control module 2 or 4
  • Number of valves per CAN bus 200
  • Distance between modules 0.25 – 2 m
  • Power supply:
    • 48 V for big machines
    • 24V for standard
    • 12V for pulled systems up to 40 valves;
    • 12V with Gevasol convertor for bigger machines
  • CAN bus transmission rate 500 kbit/s
  • Refreshment rate 20 ms
  • Diagnostics
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