• P377 Series Proportional Pilot Dosing Valve
  • Small footprint
  • Fast response times

P377 series, precision proportional pilot dosing valve. Its small footprint, accurate and fast response time make it a versatile solution. It is available in flow from ml/min up to 80l/min range. It supports pressures up to 12 bars. Higher pressures up to 400 bar on request.

The P377 series proportional pilot dosing valve has some excellent applications:

  • Applications in medical use: P377 is the perfect choice for precision blending, CPAP or ventilation valves with high backpressure. The P377 can be used to pilot a pressure regulator valve or generate an air jet to create the required lung pressure. Dosing this valve is the perfect choice for high ratio accurate delivery of Anesthesia gases.
  • Applications in dental equipment: precisely controlling flow/speed.
  • Applications in analytical: precise dosing of small quantities for accurate measurements, sampling and mixing. Low leakage and suitable for the harshest gases. Ideal for pressure control (P377.PR) and flow control applications (P377 CFR).
  • Applications in food or nutrition: accurate dosing ingredients, flavour’s and colours.

The compact P377 (only ø17mm) proportional valve can be delivered with elastomers supporting the harshest gases. It is combined with a stainless-steel base/body and a very low leakage rate. Direct-acting 2/2 NC, orifice size from ø0.05 to 2 mm. Pressure up to 12 bar depending on the orifice size. Suited for dosing precisely gases in the medical and in the analytical field.

The P377 also supports different coils and mounting options.

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