P289 Precision Vacuum/Pressure Regulator
  • Programmable PID Parameters
  • Flow Indication

The P289 Precision Vacuum/Pressure Regulator comes with two precision proportional valves and controller board, connections for sensors like pressure/flow, with flow indication and programmable PID parameters.

Open or closed-loop regulators with integrated control and sensor. Precision dosing and PWM valves. Pressure and flow range, regulation sensitivity, or curves — all customized to needs.

This Precision Vacuum and Pressure Regulator has several fields of application:

  • Medical applications: a very sensitive precision vacuum regulator capable of maintaining a few cmH2O depression. It maintains the tubes of intubation in position and relieves the patient from the pain of breathing during pneumonia. It regulates the vacuum while measuring the flow. The flow is a good indicator of any malfunction of the system such as leakage on the tube or blocking.
  • Analytical applications: Precisely controlling flow/pressure for accurate measuring/controlling applications.
  • And other industrial applications.
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